Bridal flower crown


My name is Sandra and I’m just a girl who loves flowers.

My passion is creating headpieces that are one of a kind. Every piece that you can see here was handmade with my love, passion, creativity and respect for the environment.

I started Sophie and Luna in 2014 when I was preparing for my own wedding, and I wanted a flower crown and wedding flowers that would stay beautiful after the wedding day so I could keep them as a memento. I’d lost track of the number of weddings I’d been to where I’d had gorgeous flowers, or the perfect flower crown but, by the end of the ceremony, their beauty had faded.

So I searched for a preserved flower crown that met my requirements, but I just couldn’t find it.


I wanted to see the final pieces before the wedding, but more than that I wanted to be able to use them after the wedding.

I prefer to support slow fashion and the idea of reusing something from my own wedding brought me excitement.
I wanted real flower crowns that I could keep forever…

There had to be a way to solve this!

After months of research I came up with the idea of making my own flower crown and bouquets with preserved flowers as I couldn’t find a company in the UK who did this.
So I did it! Sophie and Luna became the first company in the UK making headpieces using a mix of dried and preserved real flowers and rapidly has grown into what it is today.


Bespoke flower crown

“I have my own pioneering drying technique that allows me to have the widest variety of preserved and dried flowers in the UK.”

Sophie & Luna uses only the highest quality flowers from around the world, with incredible suppliers in Japan, Colombia, the USA and Spain, and of course gorgeous fresh flowers from the UK that are dried in the studio in London.

Sandra now has worked with almost 1000 brides on bespoke pieces, and when you choose to work with S&L, we start a relationship that goes way beyond client and supplier. Sandra’s job is to bring your vision to life, but never lose track of the fact that it is your vision.


When we meet for the first time in my London studio, you choose the flowers for your head piece.

My job is to advise, to assist, to support, to suggest.

You may have a clear idea of how you want your flower crown to look, or perhaps just a colour scheme that you have in mind, and we will take time to shape these thoughts into a reality.

From here it is a journey we take together, as I support you from that initial conversation, all the way through to your big day and beyond. The quality of the items I produce is matched only by the quality of service I provide at every stage of the process.

My work has been featured in the biggest UK wedding blogs, BRIDES magazine, on TV, at the BBC Final Hair Show and even in Made in Chelsea.


I get inspired by the powerful women in life and goddess of Mythology, creating a boho, free look with a hint of modern/edgy in all my designs.

I understand that not everyone wants colourful and bold pieces so my bridal collection is subtle and made with with pastel flowers and lighter colours, but lately I’m very inspired by wilderness, nature and sensuality in which you can see in the Couture site.

My mission is to create luxury and stylish headpieces that are immediately recognisable, completely unforgettable, and totally individual.

Headpieces that become a memento as well as an accessory, creating memories for years to come.



“Beyond Amazing. So much talent, patience and love goes into every piece – I have worn my wedding Crown on several occasions since my wedding and even had a bespoke crown made for my newborn. Just waiting for another excuse to order again. Thank you! xxx”