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Caring Instructions

Caring Instructions


For a long and happy life

These flowers can last up to 15 years looking intact inside a display cover. In this case, we need to be realistic. They will last as long as you take care of them. To avoid this, follow the instructions below.


Caring instructions:

Keep the flowers away from any type of moisture, as flowers will become more delicate in humidity. Never expose flowers to water or rain, as they can be badly damage. Some flowers fade and can stain when they get wet. If they are used by the sea or any other very humid weather, try not to manipulate them once they are in place. After using it, keep it inside the original box, including the silica pouch, away from heat/cold and direct sun light.

Crowns can be reshaped, as the base is a very flexible type of aluminium wire. Never hit them or manipulate them roughly, as some flowers may get damaged, break or fall.

Remember, they are still natural flowers so please handle them with care and treat them like you would treat fresh flowers.