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Bespoke Service



Bespoke pieces can be designed, made and sent to you within 3 months prior the wedding. Please check availability for order for different times. For orders than need to be sent in less that 2 months there is a 'last minute order' fee. Please contact us as soon as you know your order to ensure that we can complete your requirements.

Once the date is confirmed, please purchase your Bespoke piece. We will be in touch to discuss your design. Please let us know if you would like to book an appointment for a free consultation in our studio once you have purchased your Bespoke piece. No worries if you are away, we will do all communications via email, phone calls, Whatsapp and Skype if necessary. We are specialised in weddings abroad and online orders. 



Let us know what you like and dislike. Everything in a Bespoke piece is made especially for you. You choose flowers and colours, also the circlet will be your size. Colour flowers available for Bespoke pieces are unique. You can find ANY colour, from bright blue to black, coral and different tones of yellows and reds. Flower variety is the largest you can find in the UK for headpieces. Flowers for Bespoke pieces are collected from all over the world, making your piece UNIQUE and irrepetible as most of them are limited edition.

First prototype

Once we have all your preferences, we will make the first design. If you can come to the studio to try it on, great! If not, no worries, we will show you as many photos as we can to make sure that we are on the right path. After this first design, you can make one final modification to it.

Final design

We will send you another round of photos to make sure you are happy with your headpiece before finalising details. Once you have given us the OK, we will ship it to you or you can come and collect your piece from our studio. 

Choose between a Standard or Premium Bespoke headpiece

Choose between a Standard or Premium Bespoke headpiece